martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009


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Bechdel rule: No.

Sexual violence: None.

Other forms of violence: No.

Other -isms: Fat-shaming. There is an association of fat people being lazy and conformist.

It's one of those films that people consider a classic too soon. In this case, I think they're right.

The Interpreter

Imdb link.

Bechdel Rule: Minimally. The main character talks briefly with one or two co-workers. The second female charactr hardly speaks at all, and never interacts with the protagonist.

Sexual violence: None.

Other forms of graphic violence. Some. Link to imdb.

Other -isms
. Apparently all that is wrong with African republics are the corrupts governments, and the only people who work actively to improve the continent are white.

A very disappointing thriller. It passed the time, that was all.

The template

These are the data I want to collect about films, miniseries, and maybe, series.

Bechdel Rule: There are at least two female characters. They have at least one conversation about something that is not a man.

Sexual violence: Rape. Abuse. Prostitution. Violent crime towards young pretty women. Is any of this a necessity of the plot?

Other forms of graphic violence.

Other -isms
. Other forms of stereotype, such as homophobia.