domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010


Imdb link.

Bechdel Test: Minimally. A women tells another her definition of love. They don't exchange more than five lines.

Sexual violence: A man fools a woman into giving him a brief kiss in order to save their lives.

Other forms of violence: The imdb parental guide makes a good summary. Don't watch if suicide is a problem.

Forms of discrimination: It's the average action film in which a team of "superheroes" includes two POC of different races and one white woman. Guess who's the only character in serious danger of death/destiny worse than death? Yes, one of the two POCs. The label "the POC dies first" is shorthand, so don't assume it's a spoiler ;)

It's a shame I cannot give a rape-free label to this film. That stupid kiss...

2 comentarios:

  1. seriously? he fools her? the kiss was a way to get the npc's to ignore them. and it only lasted for about half a second, and wasnt sexual in the least.

  2. I agree with flashgreer. A kiss is not rape, even if it happens without consent. It might be "sexual violence" or "sexual harassment", but it is not rape. I think you should change your definition of "rape-free".