miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Todas las azafatas van al cielo

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This film is the first one I see, since I started the blog, that passes what I call the Extended Bechdel Test: all the usual requisites without gender or sexual violence in a film that is not primarily intended for children.

Bechdel Rule: yes. There is a good balance between the importance of the male and the female protagonists, so both have conversations with other people. Including women.

Sexual violence: Yes, and no. There is no violence in the strict sense, but the work atmosphere of the plane crew is very sexist: men are pilots, women are flight attendants, their only conversation are rape jokes, and there is a striptease competition for the women in a work party.

Other forms of graphic violence. None, but characters plan suicide.

Other -isms
. None.

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